OFR Legislative Initiative

~Stimulating the Formation of a Capital Funding Ecosystem~

The Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) is the primary regulator of the state-chartered and licensed financial services industries in Florida. We have drafted legislation to reform the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act (Chapter 517, Florida Statutes) with the aim of stimulating the growth of a capital market for the financing of Florida businesses. Our goal is to promote Florida’s economy through the creation of a self-sustaining, in-state capital market where newly formed businesses can obtain seed or expansion capital. The desired outcome is to have Florida residents and businesses obtain capital from within our state and ultimately remain in Florida and contribute to the state’s economy.

HB 779 / SB 1880 – Offers and Sales of Securities has been filed by Representative Joe Harding in the House and Senator Joe Gruters in the Senate. Read - HB 779 / SB 1880.

Legislators are always open to receiving public comments. They value your input and encourage you to reach out to express your thoughts. Below are some tips to help you maximize the impact of your communication with legislators:

You may submit your comments regarding HB 779 / SB 1880 directly to your local legislator.

HB 779 / SB 1880 – Offers and Sales of Securities must be placed on each of the following committees’ agendas in order to be heard and voted on. You may also contact the members of these committees and their respective chair members to submit your comments:

We sought and received feedback from numerous Florida capital financing industry professionals, small business owners and from a task force formed by the Florida Bar.

We have taken the most prevalent responses and implemented them into our proposal. Please read the featured components of our legislation.

We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please submit your comments on the legislation through the survey.

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