Payment Instrument Issuer

Money Transmitters Part II: Payment Instrument Issuer: The license authorizes the holder to sell or issue checks, drafts, warrants, money orders, traveler's checks or other instruments, or to advertise such activity, for consideration.

A licensee under PART II may also engage in the activities authorized under PART III of this chapter without the imposition of any additional licensing fees.

Application Requirements

Applicants are subjected to Minimum Net Worth, Annual Audited Financial Statements, & Surety Bond requirements pursuant to Chapter 560.209, Florida Statutes, refer to the statutes below for more information.

Apply for the license online via Online Services.

HB 3 Implementation for Financial Services Providers

Licensing standards to qualify for licensure apply pursuant to Chapter 560.1401, Florida Statutes.

Payment Instrument Issuers are required to maintain a federal registration as a Money Services Business (MSB) and comply with federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

Maintaining or Renewing License

Filings to maintain, amend and renew the license are completed online via Online Services.

**Refer to Chapter 560.143(2), Florida Statues for the associated renewal fees.

As a licensee under Chapter 560, Florida Statutes, you are required to submit certain notices to the Office pursuant to Chapter 560.126, Florida Statutes. Refer to the statute for more information.

Note the following required filings (see all applicable forms in the Forms section below):

**Note: Licensees are required to maintain net worth regardless if the audited financial report is submitted under the name of the licensee or the licensee’s parent company.

View required records retention by Payment Instrument Issuers.

** Above are only some of the requirements of a licensee under Chapter 560, Florida Statutes and Rule 69V-560, Florida Administrative Code. To review all requirements of a licensee, please access Chapter 560, Florida Statutes, and Rule 69V-560, Florida Administrative Code.


OFR-560-01 - Application to Register as a Money Services Business
OFR-560-02 - Location Notification Form
OFR-560-03 - Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions
OFR-560-04 - Money Services Business Quarterly Report Form
OFR-560-05 - Pledge Agreement
OFR-560-06 - Money Services Business Surety Bond Form
OFR-560-07 - Security Device Calculation Form
OFR-560-08 - Request for Exemption from Electronic Filing Requirements
OFR-560-09 - Disciplinary Guidelines for Money Services Businesses
OFR-560-10 - Money Services Businesses Attestation Form

Statutes and Rules

Chapter 560, Florida Statutes - Money Services Businesses
Rule 69V-560, Florida Administrative Code - Money Transmitters