Financial Technology Sandbox Innovator

A Financial Technology Sandbox has been created within the Office of Financial Regulation to allow financial technology innovators to test new products and services in a supervised, flexible regulatory sandbox using exceptions to specified general law and waivers of the corresponding rule requirements under defined conditions. The creation of a supervised, flexible regulatory sandbox provides a welcoming business environment for technology innovators and may lead to significant business growth.

Application Requirements


OFR-559-FTS-001 – Application
OFR-559-FTS-002 – Location Notification
OFR-559-FTS-003 – Extension Request
OFR-559-FTS-004 – Bi-Annual Report
OFR-559-FTS-005 – Pledge Agreement
OFR-559-FTS-006 – Surety Bond Form
OFR-559-FTS-007 – Disciplinary Guidelines for Financial Technology Sandbox
OFR-559-FTS-008 – Request for Exemption
OFR-559-FTS-009 – Consumer Finance Company Surety Bond
OFR-559-FTS-010 – Consumer Finance Company Pledge Agreement

Statutes and Rules

Chapter 559.952, Florida Statutes - Financial Technology Sandbox

Rule 69V-559, Florida Administrative Code - Financial Technology Sandbox