Family Trust Companies

Family trust companies are privately held corporations or limited liability companies that are exclusively owned by and provide fiduciary services to “family members,” as more specifically set forth in Chapter 662, Florida Statutes. A family trust company may also provide services to certain qualifying current or former employees of the family trust company, but may not provide services to the public or engage in commercial banking.

Family trust companies differ from non-depository trust companies, which are chartered pursuant to Chapter 658, Florida Statutes. Non-depository trust companies chartered pursuant to Chapter 658, Florida Statutes, may engage in trust business pursuant to Chapter 660, Florida Statutes, by providing fiduciary services to the general public. For information, please visit non-depository trust companies.

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Application Requirements

Submission of the appropriate application (with filing fee) and related forms to the Office of Financial Regulation are required.

For additional information, contact the Division of Financial Institutions Tallahassee office at (850) 410-9800 or via e-mail at


OFR-162-01 - Application for License as a Licensed Family Trust Company

OFR-162-02 - Family Trust Company Registration Application

OFR-162-03 - Foreign Licensed Family Trust Company Registration Application

OFR-162-04 - Annual Renewal

OFR-162-07 - Notification of Proposed Appointment

OFR-162-11 - Quarterly Report of Capital Account Fidelity Bonds and Insurance

OFR-162-Bio - Biographical Report

Statutes and Rules

Chapter 662, Florida Statutes - Family Trust Companies

Chapter 69U-162, Florida Administrative Code

Materials Incorporated by Reference in Rules

Florida Probate Rule 5.346

Section 736.0810 F.S. Recordkeeping and Identification of Trust Property

Section 736.08135 F.S. Trust Accountings