Final Administrative Actions

Final agency actions are available online via OFR's public search as well as a listing maintained by the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings. You will be able to search or browse for the following document types:

  • Final Orders - A Final Order is the written final decision of an agency. Final Orders are issued in a variety of contexts, including, but not limited to, administrative rule challenges, administrative enforcement litigation, and approvals or denials of certain types of licensing applications or registrations.

  • Declaratory Statements - A Declaratory Statement is an agency's written opinion as to the applicability of a statutory provision, rule, or order, of the agency to the petitioner’s particular set of circumstances. The Declaratory Statement is final agency action and is binding on the agency.

  • Orders of General Application - An Order of General Application is an order issued under the provisions of the Florida Financial Institutions Code, which, when issued, provides Florida state chartered financial institutions a competitive equality with federally organized or chartered financial institutions.

It is the OFR’s intent to maintain this online document collection with current and accurate information, along with historical information. However, please be advised that the conclusions reached in Final Orders, Declaratory Statements, or Orders of General Application may have been superseded by subsequently-enacted statutes, rules, or appellate court decisions. If you have any questions about an OFR order, please contact our office.

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