Office of General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC), located in Tallahassee, includes the General Counsel, the Programs and Policy Coordinator, the Agency Clerk, and the Public Records Coordinator. The OGC provides legal advice, support, and representation for the Commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) and the agency's executive management. The OGC also provides coordination and legal support services for the OFR's regulatory and investigative functions. The Programs and Policy Coordinator serves as the agency procurement manager for all competitive procurements and the contract manager for the Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing (REAL) system. The Public Records Coordinator directs records requests to the appropriate regulatory unit for a response and coordinates agency wide requests. The Agency Clerk has specific responsibilities under Florida's Administrative Procedures Act, and is the Agency contact for all hearing requests and notices of appeal.

Anthony Cammarata, General Counsel
Mr. Cammarata has extensive litigation and trial experience in criminal and administrative law. He has managed law offices in private practice, and has many years of experience supervising and training lawyers in the areas of ethics, litigation and effective trial advocacy. He served the agency as Deputy General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer prior to his appointment as General Counsel in November of 2016. Mr. Cammarata has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Eckerd College. He received a Master of Science and his Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University.

General Inquiries
While the OFR's attorneys can respond to inquiries from the public and regulated entities regarding the OFR's legal responsibilities and authority, it is prohibited from providing private legal representation or advice. Any person seeking advice about their personal legal rights or responsibilities should seek counsel from a private attorney. If you do not know an attorney, you should contact the "Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service" which may be reached at 800-342-8011 or online at